BMW E46 318i SE

The bonnet has been stuck shut for a couple of weeks now which has been very very frustrating. I finally succumbed and called the RAC who sent a bloke who managed to get it open. The cable has snapped. He could just about see enough of it to get hold of with some pliers and managed to open. Since he went I have fitted the front strut brace I had bought. It still needs tightening, which I will now do tomorrow and I will post a pic of the completed job.

I also sent off for copies of the secret code for Companies House for the Ltd Companies I own.


Been a good day, spoke to the PAYE people and VAT. VAT are resending the Registration Certificate. PAYE were really helpful about how to do it right.

The last of my money from the Co-op contract is still not in. Maybe tomorrow and then we will see what course of action will follow.

I’m seeing the tenant in the Ipswich flat tomorrow then free. I have to get the Homeserver set up with VMWare that I now have the free licence for.