Worked from Home

First day I worked from home today. Had a short meeting and a few problems connecting but overcome with a bit of help from a nice colleague on the phone. Got a fair bit done today despite hurdles. Hopefully it will get better and better. I`ll be really really pleased if I get to work from home all the time in this job. Its all I can ask for. They seem like a really good company and interested in the well being of their staff. It shows by how motivated people who work here are and how few people leave.


What a bloody day?

Got up at 5am. Got the train to London. Got to work and nothing of my stuff was there. So basically did nothing. Got the train back to Ipswich and got onto the wring joining train and ended up in Stowmarket rather than the train to Lowestoft.

Now wont get home till 9pm.

D-Day -1

Start work tomorrow.  All ready to go. Ticket bought, shirt and suit ironed.


Blimey, what a day it has been today. I went off to football (son had a match about 30 miles away). The car was empty of fuel so I thought I’d fill up on the way back. Only to realise I had left my wallet at home. The Match was awful with a ref biased against our team. I had to go round and basically beg a tenner off someone to make sure I got home.

Now have a party to go to at a friend’s at 6pm and I am really really tired. The only positive so far is the wallet.has been found.


Today, I took the ML for its MOT. The BMW couldnt be MOT’d because they couldnt get the bonnet open.

The ML has just “passed”. Will need £200 worth of work but done. Will be ready to pick up on Saturday. I am very very pleased about that little win.