OMU – 8.x
Agent version – 8.60
Agent OS – Windows 2008 Standard Edition x64 R2
While installing agents on managed node, following error might prompt stating that agent is unable to set MANAGER
Info: Setting Manager to: abc.example.com
opcactivate Error: Error while setting MANAGER to abc.example.com
opc_inst Info: OVO Agent successfully installed.
opc_inst Info: OVO Maintenance script ends
opc_inst Info: Executing cmd /c change user /query > “C:\Windows\Temp\radF1CB0.t
mp” …
opc_inst Info: We have Terminal Server INSTALL mode (or compatible).
opc_inst Info: Moving install log file to C:\ProgramData\HP\HP BTO Software\log\
opc_inst Error: Could not move installation log file to C:\ProgramData\HP\HP BTO
Software\log\opc_inst.log. See C:\Windows\Temp\opc_inst.log
Also, when you try to start the agent, below error will be displayed.
c:\Program Files\HP\HP BTO Software\bin\win64>ovc
(ctrl-111) Ovcd is not yet started.
c:\Program Files\HP\HP BTO Software\bin\win64>ovc -start
Unable to start service OvCtrl
The handle is invalid. (6)
Above error is due to installation of agent with less privileged account. You can install the agent either by logging into the server with Administrator account or local admin account.
If you still face this issue, open the command prompt with “Run as administrator” option by right clicking the command prompt and execute installation script. Now, the agents will be installed properly.
If you are looking for agent installation steps, please follow “A Complete Guide to enroll a node in OMU”