HP OpenView OneStop: Monitoring using SNMP MIBs

HP OpenView OneStop: Monitoring using SNMP MIBs: SNMP Import MIB and make OPC Templates This procedure was given to me by a very good HPO admin. -cp trapd.conf trapd.conf-b4-newmibs …

NNM 7.51 – If ovdbcheck is unable to connect to the native DB and you wish to rebuild it, do this:-

Anyway, here is an instruction how to manually recreate database, please let me know if it will work for you.
1. Backup the existing database and all associated files under
$OV_DB/analysis/default/ to a safe place as a precaution.
2. Change directory to $OV_DB/analysis/default/
3. Delete solid*.db, ./sol*.log, and ./log/*, ./backup/* files.
4. Run $OV_BIN/ovdbrun -x exit while in the
$OV_DB/analysis/default directory. You will be prompted for the
default database user and passwords (ovdb, ovdb). You will also be
prompted for the default system catalog name (ovdb).
Performing this step creates an empty database (solid.db).
5. Populate the database with the NNM schema:
$OV_BIN/ovdwconfig.ovpl -type embedded -load
6. Start the server by typing ovstart ovdbcheck.
Instruction above is taken from “Reporting and Data Analysis” manual for NNM 7.5

Found a really useful website for Unix Commands.