New car

Got Zak his first car today. A lovely little Fiesta Ghia.


EE please just fuck off

A couple of days ago I blogged about EE calling me up thinking I am a customer still. Well lo and behold they did it again yesterday and today I got a text.
I really dont know how to make this clearer but my home BB is with Sky and HAS been since April you morons.

Excellent Mobile Phone Deal.

I had a bit of a result today, managed to get the One Plan on Three for only £14pm.

I got called up by EE yesterday advising me my Broadband will be going up. I let her bang on for a while before telling her I have moved my BB from the around 3 months ago. The stupid bitch insisted I “hold” while she verify that I wasnt lying.  Seriously, these are the kind of idiots that EE employ that would rather waste a customers time and “call first” before checking their facts. I record all my calls so will add the soundfile when I work out how to do it. In the meantime, their number is 01428971048.