So this week my latest purchase arrived.

It is basically a Set Top Box running Android. I am Sky Customer and get SkyGo as part of the package. SkyGo works great on Phones and Tablets but there is no way of getting it out onto say a TV. I have a Motorola Xoom Tablet but the app disables the HDMI out port on it. So I was hoping to find something that could provide this functionality for when I am away from home.

Anyway, so far this little Set Top Box is looking good to go for this. I have managed to download SkyGo and install it. I cant log into my account yet because Sky has this stupid limit of one change per month (I have removed my old Samsung Note 2 in order to add my iPhone 6+).

But once I can do that I will report back with my findings.

In the meantime, it is an excellent little gadget with XBMC pre-installed although I had problems with it and decided to uninstall it and installed this instead

With this you can watch lots of foreign channels for free including the ones that televise Sport like Premier League matches. The commentary may be in another language but I think these are some of the ones places like stream but without all the annoying adverts and chat. I cant confirm this untill I there is a game on then I’ll give it a go.


VMWare Finally installed.

Years ago (about 3 or 4 I purchased a HP Microserver. I stacked it up with the Maximum RAM and Hard-Drive Capacity it supports and installed VMWare onto it. I got a free Licence after registering etc. Anyway, I had no idea how to install this Licence so I just carriend on and on creating VMs to my heart’s content.

6 Months later, it all ground to a halt as the temporary Licence expired. I still couldnt work out how to apply the Free Licence. Anyway, the thing has has in my Home Office since then unused and getting dusty.

Recently I thought I’d try again but Googled and found quite a few free Virtualisation Suites. I went for the Oracle one and downloaded it all and just found it wasn’t as intuitive as VMWare so I canned that idea.

After a bit of Googling I found this site which shows you how to apply the Free VMWare Licence

Nice! I was now good to go and not going to lose all my work.

I set up RAID 1 using the advice on this Link

It was, however, in vain as VMWare ESXi does not support the hardware RAID in the HP Microserver.

Anyway, I am now “good to go” and will be updating this Blog as and when. I have something to report.