VMWare Finally installed.

Years ago (about 3 or 4 I purchased a HP Microserver. I stacked it up with the Maximum RAM and Hard-Drive Capacity it supports and installed VMWare onto it. I got a free Licence after registering etc. Anyway, I had no idea how to install this Licence so I just carriend on and on creating VMs to my heart’s content.

6 Months later, it all ground to a halt as the temporary Licence expired. I still couldnt work out how to apply the Free Licence. Anyway, the thing has has in my Home Office since then unused and getting dusty.

Recently I thought I’d try again but Googled and found quite a few free Virtualisation Suites. I went for the Oracle one and downloaded it all and just found it wasn’t as intuitive as VMWare so I canned that idea.

After a bit of Googling I found this site which shows you how to apply the Free VMWare Licence


Nice! I was now good to go and not going to lose all my work.

I set up RAID 1 using the advice on this Link


It was, however, in vain as VMWare ESXi does not support the hardware RAID in the HP Microserver.

Anyway, I am now “good to go” and will be updating this Blog as and when. I have something to report.


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