Friday 9th March 20120

Got final confirmation yesterday for my new contract with Co-op Bank. Will be a fun interesting assignment. Working closely with HP Consultants, making some new contacts and maybe bumping into some old ones.
Money is not as good as usual, but money isnt everything. Seems like a really nice fun environment and my interview with the guy who will be my Boss was more like a chat with an old friend. We clicked almost immediately so here goes the countdown to Monday.

The one thing I MUST do is spend less time on FaceBook. My life is shortened by spending most of the day on there. It is fun and I have made loads of friends on there and it has been a great comfort blanket when I have been working abroad but really it now has to either occupy a smaller part of my life or be out of it completely. I’ll cutdown to start off with and see how it goes. If that doesnt work, I’m going Cold Turkey and completely cutting off.